Covenant was founded as a novel partnership between TechAccel and Reliance Animal Health Partners in August 2018.

TechAccel, founded in 2014, is a technology and venture development company focused in agriculture, animal health and food technology. TechAccel sources, invests in and acquires early-stage innovations. Through collaborations with universities and research institutions, TechAccel conducts science advancement and de-risking research and development to ready technologies for commercialization.

Reliance Animal Health Partners was founded in 2017 by four former executives of the international animal health industry. The consulting firm was developed to leverage the executives’ deep expertise and to identify, assess and develop technologies for the global animal health industry. The four principals are:

“We see a game-changing opportunity with TechAccel. Our partnership revolutionizes the way animal health, therapeutics and nutrition products will be brought to market. We’re excited to join forces and we see tremendous value in this partnership.”

–Tom Overbay, D.V.M.