Covenant sources,¬†develops, and delivers “revenue-ready” products to animal health companies.¬†

Close-up shot of microscope with metal lens at laboratory.
Scientist doing chemical test  take with blue filter
Pharmaceutical production line. Vaccine production from epidemic, cancer, disease, virus



  • Identifies unmet needs across livestock and companion animals of interest to animal health pharmaceutical companies. We also fill gaps in distributor portfolios.
  • Engages industry experts and resources for early market validation.
  • Sources technologies that address unmet needs with our network of universities, CROs, startups, and animal health companies.
  • Structures deals that conserve R&D dollars and mitigate development risk, bringing value to technology source and animal health company.
  • Evaluates more than 300 technologies annually.



  • Prepares assets for regulatory approval, depending on technology stage.
  • Works closely with regulatory agency.
  • Completes regulatory technical sections, including efficacy and safety and CMC studies.
  • Enables manufacturing sufficient to meet commercial needs.
  • Develops two to three new assets annually.



  • Obtains regulatory approval from the appropriate agency (CVB, CVM, EPA or international) depending on the technology.
  • Negotiates final deal terms to sell asset (LLC) to acquirer.
  • Ensures manufacturing of product at commercial level with appropriate quality to meet industry expectations.
  • Allows acquirer to market, sell, and distribute immediately upon acquisition.
  • Delivers on our promise to provide “revenue-ready” products.
  • Distributes proceeds to investors and deploys capital back into new development.