Covenant’s product development portfolio includes these projects to prevent disease and provide quality care to food and companion animals.  

REPRODUCTIVE THERAPY FOR CATTLE: This project incorporates two therapeutics that support reproduction in cattle. The assets have been identified and acquired and are now in development. Delivery is targeted in 2020. Contact us now for acquisition opportunity.

CANINE ANTI-EMETIC THERAPY: This project uses a novel platform for easier delivery of the therapeutic medication to dogs, by either a vet or the pet owner. This project is in development stage; delivery date is not yet firm.

CANINE LOCAL ANESTHETIC: This project develops a novel, safe and effective local anesthetic for dogs, for use in veterinary clinics. The project is in development.

OTHER PRODUCTS IN DEVELOPMENT support flea and tick control for pets and treatments for cattle. Additional projects are under evaluation.

Covenant Animal Health Partners does not disclose all projects or assets.