Bob Nordgren

Liaison, External Innovation for Sanofi Pasteur

Dr. Bob Nordgren has more than 32 years in industry experience in international animal beginning with Salsbury/Solvay, then moving to Head R&D for Boehringer Ingelheim, then lead Global Vaccine and Biotherapeutic Research and Development at Merial and finally as Liaison, External Innovation for Sanofi Pasteur.

Over the years, Bob has led global teams in laboratories in Latin America, China, South East Asia, and several sites in Europe and the U.S. Those teams have been responsible for the introduction of well over 80 distinct and unique vaccines as well as pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic products in all animal species. Many of these have been first-in-class products as well as prior or current global market sales leaders.

In 2016, Dr. Nordgren launched his own consulting business, Aix Bio Consulting, to support the growing trend toward external innovation. In addition, he serves as a managing partner at The YieldLab, Chairman of Aptimmune, and a partner at Reliance Animal Health Partners.

Prior to joining industry, Bob received a Master’s Degree in Parasitology and a PhD from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M and spent two years in Latin America studying tropical animal diseases.

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