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The partnership between Novaquest and Reliance Animal Health Partners is dedicated to the development and registration of “revenue ready” animal health products.

How We Operate

Industry Innovators. Revenue Ready.


  • Identify unmet needs across livestock and companion animals for which animal health pharmaceutical companies are seeking products.
  • Engage industry experts and resources to validate market opportunity.
  • Source technologies that address unmet needs through an established network of universities, CROs, startups, human health companies, and animal health companies.
  • Structure deals that conserve R&D resources and mitigate development risk, bringing value to both the technology source and the acquiring animal health company.


  • Prepare assets for regulatory approval, across therapeutic and preventive categories for all animal species
  • Craft a strategy and liaise with regulatory agencies for timely response.
  • Assemble and submit regulatory technical sections, including efficacy and safety and CMC studies for pharmaceutical projects. For biologic projects, establish and test Master Seed, develop and validate Potency Tests, and draft Outlines of Production for submission to regulatory bodies, followed by conducting efficacy and safety testing.
  • Source and establish manufacturing capabilities to meet commercial needs.


  • Obtain regulatory approval from the appropriate agency (CVB, CVM, EPA or international) depending on the technology and claim.
  • Ensure manufacturing of product at commercial level with appropriate quality to meet industry expectations.
  • Allow acquirer to market, sell, and distribute immediately upon acquisition in an industry-appropriate deal structure.
  • Deliver on promise to provide “revenue-ready” products.

Our History

NovaQuest Capital Management, located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, is a life science investment firm with a specialization in biopharmaceuticals. Founded in 2010, and with more than $2.5 billion raised across four funds, NovaQuest provides tailored capital solutions that fund innovation in biopharmaceutical development and invests in compelling healthcare companies with products and technologies aimed at helping humans and animals live healthier, longer, more productive lives. Learn more at www.novaquest.com.

Reliance Animal Health Partners was founded in 2017 by four former executives of the international animal health industry. The consulting firm was developed to leverage the executives’ deep expertise and to identify, assess and develop technologies for the global animal health industry.

Having NovaQuest’s backing and the experience of the NovaQuest team, positions us to take full advantage of Covenant’s capability to lead innovation for the benefit of the Animal Health Industry and, more importantly, for the benefit of animals as well as their owners and caretakers around the world.”
– Tom Overbay, DVM

Our Team

The Covenant team is accomplished, connected, and industry-proven.

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